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Hi there, I’m Chantal! I’m a Certified Coach, NLP and CBT Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. I am an Expert in helping you overcome Imposter Syndrome, Perfectionism, People-Pleasing and/or Anxiety. I’m all about creating result, not watching time. Breakthroughs are what count, not how much time you spend with me. I’ll give you 200%, and I expect the same from you. My work is my passion – I live and breath what I do. Working with me means life access to me.  Are you ready? 

Hi there, I'm Chantal!

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“Those who think they can and those who think they can’t are both usually right.”

- Confucius


It took me a long time to get to that place myself. After years of study, training and working where I thought I was doing everything “right,” I completely burned out in my 30s experiencing severe anxiety as a result of my perfectionism and overachieving, and ended up in an institution to recover. However, burnout was simply a symptom of how I was approaching life and dealing with my own demons, because it got worse before it got better. 


Years later, I found myself in a very toxic and emotionally unhealthy relationship with a significant other and myself, that drove me over the edge. After a dark night of the soul and my anxiety through the roof, I had to finally face myself. I decided then I wanted to not only live, but live life on my own terms and really had to face my own demons. I started coaching myself from that moment on, working with a therapist and coach, and pulled myself out of the deep hole of feeling unworthy and never feeling good enough. Although it was a dark time in my life, I learned so much and am grateful for the lessons because it’s made me who I am today.

PART two

During this time, I worked in corporate and helped multiple startups become successful. But I found that working in the corporate world had me constantly struggling with my own insecurities, fear of failure and perfectionism. One day I realized how out of balance I was, so I decided to strike out on my own and really start working on myself. I have now been a business owner for almost a decade. I’ve fallen many times, lost a lot of money and had to reinvent myself again and again, but I learned from each experience. 

PART three

Eventually, I left my native Netherlands for Bali, so that I could live completely on my terms, rebalance my energy and be the woman I want to be. I am learning and growing still every day, but I have never felt more balanced and peaceful in my life as I feel today, and I'm doing every day what I absolutely love. I had to battle a lot of personal demons, but it was worth the journey. It’s why I’m so passionate about supporting others to do the same in their life, so they can reach unimaginable levels of fulfillment, confidence, joy and peace.

PART four

How I roll

I am extremely passionate about what I am doing and almost obsessed with human behavior and the mind. I love to experiment with others in this field to create the space for them to live from a place of passion and purpose.

I live from a place of passion and purpose 

My strong belief is that everything is possible, no matter what you want to create, experience or make happen. It all comes down to your mind. Success in life is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics. What you do doesn’t matter if you aren’t in the right mindset, which I learned from the master himself, Tony Robbins. 

Everything is achievable 

I give everything I have and will work with you until you get real results. I give 200% and I expect the same from you. I’ll provide all the support you need and promise to go above and beyond. 

I don’t do mediocre 

If my coaching isn’t a fit for you, I’ll say so. If I am not right or make a mistake—yes, I am only human, so it happens—I will take responsibility and do everything I can to make things right. Don’t expect me to have all the answers because I don’t. I am here to guide you on your experience and walk beside you on your journey.

Trust is key  

You are the reason why I exist. I am obsessed with getting results for you and will overdeliver, so you feel safe, valued, respected and appreciated. 

I absolutely love my clients 

Chantal has just been amazing! She's really helped me to develop my mindset, and encouraged me to push forward towards my goals. I couldn't have achieved the things I have done without her, she's so genuine and easy to talk to I couldn't recommend her highly enough!

If you want to achieve life changing goals and you're not sure how to get there - you need Chantal!

zoe burns - Principal Dentist/owner at Star Dental Care

I had a session with Chantal and it was so much more insightful than I ever imagined. She is an amazingly open person, the vibes were right so the trust for the session was immediately established. Previously I have had experiences with certain other kind of sessions, however this definitely hit a spot in me which felt so awakening. I went through an emotional roller-coaster however I always felt safe which was very comforting. 

I can only recommend this experience with Chantal to anyone. Thanks a lot Chantal 

Quirina Adriana - social media management

Chantal is one of these super guides... Seriously! She is totally devoted to the coaching she gives and yes sometimes it is not fun, but she is always here sending you love, comfort, insurance, and support. It is really amazing to have a person like her to help you dig very deep in order to transform things into big positive energy, big actions, reaching goals, and deeper connection to your inner self. I could write so many things about the amazing impact she has on me, but...

I'll just end with a big THANK YOU CHANTAL, and if you need a mentor, she is one of the best.

Sahra Rosa - secret hapiness cartel

Reaching out to Chantal was such a good decision. We had a ‘discovery’ meeting online and she was patient, kind, and I felt really safe with her. I felt she really ‘got’ me - perhaps more than i ‘got’ myself and she definitely understood and clarified my vague description of where I wanted to be positioned in my career. She did not hesitate to talk about things that I may not have seen as aligned with the issues I have been facing, but she was right. Even after this initial call I have felt clearer and more confident to go for what I want.  Her generosity in communication and follow up without being overbearing have cemented my desire to take further steps with her. I'm looking forward to moving forward with Chantal! 

Thank you - Simone Rogers, Bali

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